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Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Turning Cynacism Into Solutions
Produced By Thaddeus Hugh Sparkman.

The Nice Things People Say


Ok Jay, your guilt trip on the last episode worked. I’m rating and reviewing the podcast. To be fair, I would have sworn I had already done so before. But I checked, and I hadn’t. But everyone needs to know that this is a GREAT podcast. Very thoughtful and thought provoking. Every episode I get a good laugh, find something that gets an AMEN!, and something that I’ve never thought of before. I look forward to every episode, and get bummed when there’s not one released every week. I really appreciate what you, Josh, and Thad have created. Keep up the good work. Grace and Peace ✌🏻


Joshua & Jay are very intelligent & quick witted. I love their back & forth & commentary. I would encourage everyone to check out Catacomb podcast. Very insightful & entertaining.


Amazing podcast

One of the best podcasts I’ve listen to. The host to really down to earth and very transparent. Would love to get to sit in on one of the sessions when I’m the area


Prepare to navigate the debris of an evangelical era post-deconstruction. Is there anything worth salvage? Jay and Josh are convinced as they take an honest look at why you need the church, and how the church needs you. True disciples are in this messy beautiful heart wrenching evangelical enigma for the long haul, come hell or high water. Looking for all the answers to build your church building? You will not find them here. But you will hear a sound and sober voice from the Catacomb calling listeners back to a community where Christ is King.

Keep it Going

godlyteen16,I absolutely love this show!

Jonthewatson,This is my favorite podcast!

tpfeiffer1976 I love how honest they are in where we are in search for the whole of who Jesus is and where we are as followers who fail miserably at times in that search

markhcox, Cynics are welcome but this isn’t a podcast for people who want to wallow in defeat. We may have questions but this podcast helps us press toward peace.

Solacejosh, Thought provoking and inspiring conversations. Josh and Jay have great chemistry and interview guests like they've been doing it for years. Stop listening to everything else and listen to every episode of Catacomb. So good